The Rollright Fayre began life back in 2010 when a group of friends joined forces to have a party on a piece of farmland adjacent to the magical Rollright stones in Oxfordshire. Armed with their many varied skills, enthusiasm, voices, instruments, dancing shoes, children, turntables and pizza oven they set out... The weather was cold but the atmosphere was smoking hot and thus the flame was lit and our beautiful festival was born. 

Now in its fifth year, the festival stays true to its roots and pays tribute to the idea that started it all. The belief that when people come together to share their talents, passion and inspiration through music, dance, circus and art, wonderful things can happen and a frolicking, delightfully good time can be had by all.

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Kingstone Farm, Little Rollright, Chipping Norton, Ozfordshire, OX7 5QB

How to get here by road

We're located on the Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire border just off the A44

Click here for map

Travel from Banbury Station to Rollright Fayre

local taxi firm Furlong have agreed a flat rate of £27 for a 4 seater and £35 for a 7 seater from Banbury Station if you mention you are going to Rollright Fayre.
Their number is: 07796357370

Lift Share

If you would like to share space in your cars to get to the event, then please do begin a car pool or make it known that you need a lift through our Facebook group