Dizraeli and DownLow

Dizraeli & DownLow, the rapper and DJ from the mighty Small Gods bring humour, virtuosity and a wild energy to the hiphop format: with Dizraeli's cascading rhyme schemes and DownLow's breathtaking skill at the turntables, and their musical influences ranging from swing to the heaviest electro...

RSVP Bhangra

Bhangra is a lively form of folk music and dance for the harvest season, from the Punjab in Northern India. No previous dance experience necessary as the band RSVP are able to engage all participants in an energetic and choreographed dance experience that is lots of fun.


The John Langan Band

Wrapping pan european traditional acoustic music with infectious grooves, epic, pounding, sing along, punch the air anthems to intricately arranged instrumentals.


The Turbans

The Turbans are a nomadic, travelling group of musicians spreading their special mix of Middle Eastern, Celtic, Mediterranean music to the world.. You are never quite sure who will appear in the band, but there is a constant flow of brilliance and energy within, that is matched only by the audience reactions. Mesmerizing and engaging the crowd never ceases to be astounded by what they create, and frankly when they play on the Lizard Stage, you will get the vibe in it’s entirety!! We love them, so will you.

Luke Concannon

Luke Concannon (Nizlopi-JCB Song) is fresh from finishing his new album, inspired by his hitch-hiking mission to Palestine. This is Soul fired, Folk Hip-Hop from the depths.
Full of life, music, and stories, his gigs are exuberant and fierce! He loves to get people involved, so get ready to sing and dance. These gigs are passionate life or death struggles to ‘give everything’ and to engage the people in an act of celebration and dissolution in to music.
'Political, intense, angular, and beautiful’ – Colin Murray, BBC
‘My Childhood hero’ – Ed Sheeran

Tankus the Henge

Tankus the Henge are a London based British band..They were a PRS for Music featured artist as well as one of 2011's "Top 10 Acts To See" at Glastonbury.They draw influences from many sources, including rock 'n roll, gypsy and balkan music, ragtime, New Orleans and ska.
The world of Tankus the Henge is uplifting and wild, dark and heartfelt. A 6 piece powerhouse of a band drawing visual and musical influences from old time Fairgrounds to modern day Circus; The Beatles to Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello to Radiohead, they embody a look and a sound that lies somewhere between their South East London home and the carnival town of New Orleans

Randolph Matthews

Randolph Matthews' blend of jazz, soul and ethnic beatbox, mixing in live looping and a sharp wit, has been described as 'beautiful, unhurried, splendidly languorous and unashamedly spiritual' (Fluxmagazine).
‘This man’s not just original, he’s out there!’ - Blues and Soul Magazine.
'If you get a chance to see him, grab it with both hands’ - BBC London

Djanan Turan Band

Djanan is a quirky, witty singer song writer,playing a diverse mixture of original songs reflecting their lifetime musical influences from Eastern to Waltz, Cabaret to Rock and original swing delights.

Sky Murphy & The General

Sky Murphy and The General bring you a hybrid style of 1960′s red-blooded instrumental dance music dominated by electric guitars teasing out exotic scales and plunging into thick chunky tones and riffs, producing SURF BEAT. Their sound is tamed by an undertone of Lo-Fi 90?s Rock with influences such as The Eels, and Beck, providing a substantially heavier depth and feeling to their full of life sound.

Jackson Scott Band

A fiesta of rock&roll, flamenco & sparking world music floor-fillers! Gypsy violin driven rock sung with a cabaret flair + 1960′s red-blooded instrumental dance music dominated by electric guitars teasing out exotic scales and plunging into chunky speedy Surf Beat! & fiery Spanish flamenco and gypsy music!

IntO the mOOn

An american country boy lunatic (Leander Lyons) meets a ravishing French violinist with a gypsy heart (Mirabelle Gilis). The slavic flare of her melodies and her searing improvisations imbued with rock attitude dance hypnotically upon his harmonically surprising songs of space and love.

Dan Korn and Choppy Waters

Singer-songwriter Dan Korn weaves enchanting melodies around exquisitely crafted lyrics. Dan's evocative songs are laden with farewells. Dan will be performing on stage with Joe Sharp (double bass and backing vocals) and Bob Turley (electric guitar).
Korn’s gentle approach often tricks you into a false sense of security that is shattered with the ferocious honesty of his words, heightening the raw power of his vocality. I challenge you to listen to this guy’s music and not enjoy it.
- Alex Hayden, Rebel Music Blog


songs , sang in perfect harmonies they will thrill you and get you dancing with some of the best grooves from the continent.

Cretan Session From Hell

Beautifully melodic but stylistically rampaging dark sounds from Crete and the Eastern Mediterranean. This band will bring a deep sense of Greek tradition and spirit to their sessions. Jamming on the lavouto, the Cretan lyra, and other Greek folk instruments, this group of musicians will have you up and dancing in a circle, trying out your Horoi.


An eclectic, multi-layer sound that fuses Funk, Dub, World, Reggae, Soul.
Chilled out soul with a funky skip, a peppering of blues, eastern and reggae influences creating a new kind of grooving London funk.
The 'live' format is a 9 piece band, fronted by three vocalists and includes some of London's finest musicians, led by drummer/producer Tansay Omar

Dila V & the Odd Beats

Dila Vardar & The Oddbeats weave haunting waves of melodious Turkish folk, Balkan rhythms, Rebetiko and Bolero beats; making for an enchanting blend of ancient Eastern sounds


Strong Reggae Roots grooves with soul, meaning, happy and summer vibes. Most importantly, music to get you skunking!


Visits to the library and conspiratorial moon landings, woodland adventures and footsie in the cheap seats of a candlelit mass. Bouche is the melancholic musings of a double bass in the hands of a solemn songstress, made musically marvellous by her band of supersonic superstars. Their songs are a blue jazz hymnal of long lost melodies and new found grooves, stitching a sliver of glitter onto every sonofabitch shadow, or dying trying.

Jardares Por Fuera

Jardares Por Fuera have boldly set alight every stage they’ve played in the last year and gained a dedicated following. They play an unconventional blend of Rumba-Flamenco enriched with Reggae, Swing and Hip Hop. Expect scintillating guitar-led melodies and Flamenco rhythms complemented by accordion, big basslines, high-energy cajon and deep female vocals.

Cornelius Crowley

Corneilius is a performer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, dj, stage manager and event co-ordinator.
His songs are part of a life's work, dedicated to promoting empathic values, through direct confrontation with the problems so many of us are faced with in our lives, through shared insight and learning, through science and analysis as much as emotion and feeling.

Racubah Djs

The Racubah Sound System is a collective of music enthusiasts exploring dance sounds from around the globe. Musicians, producers, promoters, travellers, diggers…

Dj Bobby Gandolf

Resident DJ for Wormfood and Ethnobling, international tracksuit-toting wannabe gangsta superstar Bobby Gandolf has performed at festivals and clubs across the world including Germany, Turkey, France, Portugal and the UK.
Much loved for his trademark mix of afro, dancehall, house, garage and bass, energetic moves and wide range of exotic jewellery and fake Gucci tracksuits, he is a versatile DJ who can play many styles and is as at home supporting live bands as mashing up the dance in a club setting.

Dj Danger

The Turbans own Oshan Danger Mahony, brings joy also on Dj decks, playing a range of work music, roots, afro beat and of course some his Eastern and Balkan Folk Classics, Dj Danger gets you dancing or moving with him like a puppet master.