Rollright Mainstage

A fully covered stage, featuring the main acts and legends of the weekend. Step inside our beautiful Rajasthani tent and feel the glow from the 10kW soundsystem, artistic lighting, projectors, and incredible tropical decor. A perfect space to host acts such as The Turbans and the big circus madness band Tankus The Henge.. You will also find the main bar in here, chocked full of local ales, ciders spirits and if you’re really lucky, a cocktail or two!!


Cosy Studios Yurt 

The Cosy Yurt is back, this time bigger and better. There will be all day, all night performances from the cream of the UK folk scene (check back for lineup it’s a comin’). Cozy Yurts crew co-host the space with their stunning Mongolian Yurt, fully fitted with a recording studio to capture any of the magic that is created over the weekend.. Woo-haa!!
Check the previous Rollright Fayre compilation albums


Pyramid Playground

For those that remember the first ever Rollright Fayre, we had a giant Pyramid erected in the centre circle.. Well guess what, it’s back, and this time it has more craziness built into it. No longer is it simply an icon to stand in awe at, this time we can swing, slide, climb and ride it all over it.. Customised for your pleasure! Be safe and aware kids.


The Forum

The forum is a key part of 'operation Rollright daytime'. This cosy indoor venue will host a range of extra curricular activities. Performance poetry, creative workshops, yoga, forums and discussions, storytelling, cinema, games and more.This year also in collaboration by creative geniuses Building Bloqs crew who will run workshops based on events that occur all year round in their super creatives space.Take off your shoes, open your eyes, ears and mind and get stuck in.


and more...

Lizard Stage

Our smaller Rajasthani tent will host the Lunched Out Lizards Cafe, selling pizza, cakes, freshly ground organic coffee and our famous Chai all available under one majestically decorated roof Expect a range of Nu folk, kooky pop, latin rumba and legendary singer songwriters!
Some choice Dj’s from the best the Lizard stage has to offer will be playing deep into the night, and the legendary Sunday night jam session will see the finest of our fellows dropping in to keep the party going till dawn on Sunday, all sweet acoustic on the low down..



Rumpus will be hosting an After Hours Cabaret late into the night, featuring many of the delightful and delirious characters and performers that have graced Rumpus’ stages.  And during the daytimes a veritable horde of magical Creatures will be unleashed upon the festival, bringing interactive and walkabout performances to all.


Wagon of Wahoo

Talking of Woo-haa, how about this for a new adventure.. Our good friend the lady of the DreamCoat, Dj Van Toosh herself, will be hosting this brand new space for the daytime events going on around the site.. Situated in, yes, you guessed it, a wagon, this intimate outdoor stage will run from midday to 8pm daily and will be the spot to gather, play games, listen to funky tunes, do a little impromptu performance, and basically have a right lark! The wagon will be rollin from Saturday midday, sign up and get involved on our facebook page.


Rollright Games

With the Olympics now a distand memory, Rollrights' first Games, brought to us by The Golden Nugget, seeks an altogether different set of skills from its athletes. First devised by Rollright extended family members on the beaches of Karnataka, India, these games will unlock talents yo unever knew you had.
Open for adults, kids, the naturally gifted and those who were always picked last for a team. This 2-day event combines teamwork, individual brilliance and finely tuned games. There will be prizes, you gotta be in it to win it!